Javanese and Balinese scripts

Indonesian, Javanese and Balinese are three different languages.
These languages are nowadays written by the Latin alphabet 'a-b-c', but in the past people in Java used to write them in the "hanacaraka" script and people in Bali used the "carakan" script to write their language.
Both scripts are actually not meant to write Western languages or names.
We can use "hanacaraka" to write down Indonesian or Javanese language,
and "carakan" is used to write Indonesian or Balinese language.
I speak Indonesian and Javanese, but not Balinese (as conversation language). Still I can write the "carakan" script because the principle and rules are similar to "hanacaraka".
There are some limitations to use the scripts:
- Western languages have to be translated first before they can be written in the old script (see above).
- Both scripts are written based on the sounds. For example, the name "hylan" would be written as "hilan" and "luan" would be "luwan".
- It's rarely possible to write three consecutive consonants in one word. For example, the name "rhysa" would be written as "risa". There are, however, some exceptions. Inquire about the possibilities.
- "hanacaraka" does not have the letters ‘q, x’, "carakan" does not have the letters ‘q, f, v, x, z’.
- There are three different sounds of the letter ‘e’. When in doubt I would need to hear the sound of the word which contains the letter ‘e’.
- Capital letters are only used for God or very important names.
The price of writing the script starts from 6 euro (first word). The 2nd till 5th word would be 4 euro/word and starting from the 6th word it would be 3 euro/word (including tax and translation, when needed).
The results would be sent as email attachments, in .jpg format.
Inquire for more information or questions, I would try my best to think along with you for some alternatives to deal with the limitations, to finally provide you with the correct scripts.